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We have an operator for your application.

We now offer the new UL Listed, Smart Control Board in Soft Start/ Soft Stop with additional inputs.  Model 1500/1550
Model 1600/1650
Model 7100

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Apollo offers solar or AC powered operator systems in swing or slide models to make entering and exiting residential property easy, as well as safe.  The built-in battery back-up keeps the system operable in emergency situations.  A complete line of entry and exit accessories are available

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Protect the privacy of farm and ranch acreage by powering the entrance and pasture gates with Apollo operators. Select from either solar or AC powered systems with built-in battery back-up.  These are easily installed and user-friendly.

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Apartment complexes, gated communities and mini-storage facilities can take advantage of the security and peace of mind inherent with Apollo operators.  Complete systems in swing or slide configurations are available, as is the built-in battery back-up feature.

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Entering the market this year is Apollo's newest operator, the Model 2000.  Designed for the industrial and heavy commercial market, this operator is powered by a linear induction motor.  Electro-magnetically driven, this motor features no moving parts, allowing for reduced maintenance.
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Apollo Gate Operators is pleased to announce the introduction of the 833/834 circuit board.  This board offers Apollo customers many new features and additional inputs for:

Firebox, monitor lights, lock, siren, and strobe lights. 



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