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New Product

Apollo Gate Operators is pleased to announce the introduction of the 835/836 circuit board.  This board offers Apollo customers many new features that are not available on the 635/636 board.  The 835/836 has additional inputs for:

Firebox, monitor lights, lock, siren, and strobe lights.  The 836 has a slave disable feature, allowing the user to "shut down" one side of the board and use it as a single.  the dual gate delay allows installers an easy way to implement locks on dual swing gate installations.  the most requested feature on the 835/836 is the soft start/soft stop.

The microprocessor on the 835/836 actually learns and stores in memory both the current limit settings and the length of the actuator stroke, creating a default setting for future cycle.  The ability to "learn" each gate gives Apollo operators advantages over other operators.  These advantages include a decrease in whip on large or oversize gates, a longer life of the operator, and more exact detections of obstructions--allowing for greater safety.

Apollo has developed trouble-shooting and diagnostic software to accompany the 835/836 board.  GateLink software is available to installers upon request.  This software allows information from the board to be downloaded to a laptop computer, providing real-time troubleshooting for the installer.

The 1550 is the single gate operator and the 1650 is the dual.

Effective June 31st, Apollo will discontinue sales and replacements of the 733/734 series circuit board.



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