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MODEL 7100/7100UL

Apollo offers its pad-mounted slide gate operator in two models, the 7100 and the 7100UL.  Both models are easily installed on most existing or new slide gates of up to 20 feet in length and 400 pounds.  The 7100UL model utilizes our advanced circuit board, the 835/836, which offers additional inputs for a firebox, open/close limit switch LEDs, monitor lights, a lock, siren and strobe lights.  The 835/836 has inherent safety features that comply with the UL325 standards.



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Apollo offers solar or AC powered operator systems to make entering and exiting residential property easy, as well as safe.

Protect the privacy of farm and ranch acreage by powering the entrance and pasture gates with Apollo operators.

Apartment complexes, gated communities and mini-storage facilities can take advantage of the security and peace of mind inherent with Apollo operators.

Model 7100 Installation Manual


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